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This is a class I’m offering after years of developing my own brand from the ground up. From working in nightlife, to the fashion industry to events to being a Jazz bandleader, my career has been diverse. To an outsider, this career path might seem unfocused, but my experience in each industry has allowed me to develop important skills and contacts to strengthen my brand. Just like university student picking classes, these industries have been the finishing school for my career.

What are the results? I’ve been developing the Dandy Wellington Brand since 2011 and in those 9 years, I’ve produced and coordinated countless social, corporate, and nightlife events. From Sydney to Delhi, London to LA, my brand has brought me around the world and been featured in countless national and international press outlets. Its been featured in four books, two documentaries, multiple television and web series and in pages and covers of magazines. Its been in campaigns, built brand collaborations and engaged in social activism all while growing a positive, inclusive and diverse audience. This takes time and consistency. It takes planning and creativity and clear messaging. My brand has developed, sharpening, and honed itself over many years and has not stopped. 

What is Branding?
Branding is the representation of a business. It’s the result of years of decisions made and how they effect the customer perception of your company. It’s consistency as to a particular modus operandi. The symbol of the brand may be a logo but the heart of the brand is how it effects it’s customers. Through this class I will help you develop and focus your brand. We’ll ask important questions and hone your message. As you start to build your audience and secure clients, your brand will start to come into sharper relief but the initial catalyst is you.



This one on one digital class begins with a 30 minute consultation where we get acquainted with your business. The first step in this class is a quick evaluation of your brand. We’ll speak about your business, messaging, goals and core principles. We’ll look at what you’ve done and establish where you want to go next. Finally, we’ll develop some actionable next steps to help you on your way.

$30.00 USD - Payments accepted via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal
Hourly/Monthly Pricing to follow initial consultation



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One of our best tools for self expression in life is our clothing. Whether in a crowd or in photographs, our clothes tell the story of who we are before we even open our mouths. That’s why a complete and carefully crafted wardrobe is so important. It’s a visual calling card that signals to the world who you are and even who you want to be.

Wardrobe Building is a course I’m providing (available in group and one-on-one sessions) to help you tackle all things sartorial. Think of me as your personal style consultant, here for questions, advice and to bounce idea off of.

In the interactive group sessions we’ll go though the basics of a wardrobe. We’ll talk about inspiration, resources and the practical implementation of building your wardrobe with these things in mind. We’ll cover wearing hats, pairing ties and shirts, integrating color and color coordination. We’ll talk vintage and best practices for buying/maintaining pieces and how to achieved certain looks with modern brands. 

In the one-on-one class, I’ll be working with you to define your style, develop looks that speak to your personality and work for your daily life. We’ll go through your existing wardrobe, examine each piece individually and as part of a whole. We’ll build wishlists, digital mood boards and pull on fashion inspirations to plan how your wardrobe could look. Finally we'll put together your wardrobe from basics for everyday to dressing for business to formal occasions, and more. Along the way, I’ll teach you tips and tricks I’ve learned from of developing my own style.

Building a wardrobe from the ground up isn’t about buying the hottest trends or wearing the look from a mannequin. It’s about developing a collection of clothes that are personal, practical and work together cohesively. Creating a cohesive style takes time and effort but with patience and guidance, it will be very rewarding.

If this sounds like what you've always needed to fully express yourself through your clothes, click the button and let’s take the next step together.

Class Times:

Each class will take place three times during the week. These time may change based on demand. 


Group Interactive Class: $15.00 per person 
Groups Classes will cover specific topics with everything from the basics of a wardrobe to wardrobe inspiration to pairing ties and shirts. They will typically last up to an hour 

One on One Digital Consultations: $150.00 per hour.
In One on One Digital Sessions, I’ll be working with you to define your style, develop looks thats that speak to your personality and work for your daily life and more. 

All payments accepted via Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal



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Group Class