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Official Music Video 

Without any further ado, I’d like to proudly present the official music video for “Four Eyes” by DandyWellington and His Band!

This tune is so special to me. It serves as an ode to gals-in-glasses, sure, but it also is a reminder to celebrate our differences, to embrace our quirks and to love what makes us unique!

 When we were planning out the video concept, I imagined a bright, bold set full of people genuinely and stylishly enjoying themselves (all while wearing glasses of course). As you can see for yourself, director Harris Allen and the incredible cast captured that idea brilliantly. The fun we were having in the studio directly translated into the video, and I hope that you have as much fun watching it as we did making it! With that in mind, it’s time to polish those lenses and get ready for a bright, bold and bespectacled video of epicly dandy proportions! Ladies and gentlemen, the official “Four Eyes” music video!

- Dandy Wellington

The Cast

Bettina May

Meet the inimitable Bettina May. The Canadian-born, Las Vegas-based pin-up beauty has made a name for herself not only as a world-class performer, but also a vintage stylist/educator, photographer and model. When she’s not performing burlesque all over the world, she can be found modeling in the pages of international publications, playing drums in her band The Hypnotiques, photographing/styling fashion campaigns or sharing her keen fashion knowledge with her students. Bettina’s chic versatility has earned her nods in the likes of Indian Elle, Portuguese Vogue and The New York Post.


Meet Elysse: Queens native and dynamic singer/songwriter. Elysse can be found performing all over NYC at stalwart indie venues like Berlin, Rockwood Music Hall and le Poisson Rouge, showing off her incredibly soulful, uniquely sultry, classic-meets-new-school sound. With a background in literature and journalism, Elysse’s lyrics are just as complex and dreamy as her voice.


Joanna Carpenter certainly knows how to mix things up. Hailing from the midwest, this actress, singer and mixologist has made a name for herself in New York nightlife as an incredibly creative purveyor-of-spirits. She currently serves as beverage director at TriBeCa’s newest hospitality hotspot, TownStages. Joanna brings her bold and bubbly style to everything she does, whether she’s collaborating with brand, creating activations at events or dancing in my music video.


When it comes to all-things-vintage, Darlene is the real deal. With a keen affinity for everything from beautiful 19th-century carousels to perfectly-tailored dresses from the ‘40s, Darlene’s decade-spanning vibe is a reminder to take inspiration from the past, but always look toward the future.  When not turning heads at the chicest vintage events or hunting down the best ice cream cone in the city, the former vintage shop curator works for the City of New York, befitting as the Californian-born beauty is still as enamoured with NYC as she was when she came to NYC over a decade ago.


Meet Vanessa: a Colombian born, Queens raised vintage lover, indie musician, photographer and DJ. Whether she’s ripping on bass in her band Pearl or spinning choice cuts at The Roxy Hotel NYC as DJ La Vamba, you can be sure that Vanessa will bring her vintage-meets-punk panache. As a staple of the NYC vintage scene, Vanessa has been featured in numerous publications, including Harpers Bazaar as an authority on vintage style.

Gin Minsky

Meet Gin Minsky, a dancer, event producer, photographer and vintage lover. A staple of the New York Burlesque scene, Gin made a name for herself as the “Twenties Tap Sensation” and as founding member of The Champagne Riot. Whether she’s taking photos for Minskys Abandoned , finding ice cream or learning how to sword swallow, just because, draped in the finest vintage threads Gin Minsky always makes life feel more elegant.


Meet Nialla LeBouef- filmmaker, writer and history aficionado. Nialla’s blog “The Cinema Doll” is a beautiful smattering of vintage style, classic films and everything in between. Her passion for history and style paired with her cinematic personality truly speak to her mission: to inspire others to live cinematically.

Gretchen Fenston

Gretchen Fenston embodies the word elegance. When she’s not designing and building beautiful headwear, she can be found hobnobbing with fellow vintage lovers at all the most stylish and bright events around the country. The impeccably-dressed milliner was perfect for the “Four Eyes” cast because of her keen attention to detail and her commitment to vintage style.


Dandy Wellington is a bandleader, entertainer, event producer, and creative consultant, born-and-raised in Harlem, New York. Influenced by the style and skill of classic entertainers of the past but with his feet planted in the present, it’s no surprise that this Tisch grad has made a name for himself across the globe. From producing stylish events all over New York to performances in St. Petersburg, London, and Sydney, Dandy solidifies himself as not only an impeccably dressed man-about-town, but a bonafide man-of-the-world.

Harris Allen

Though you may not see Harris Allen on screen in the #FourEyes video, you can be assured that the Chicago-born director and photographer left his mark on the video. Creating bright, clean and modern videos/pictures is Harris’ bread-and-butter, and this case is no different. Whether he was getting the perfect close-up or breaking down equipment at the end of the shoot, Harris was invaluable during the making of this video

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