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Black Apparel Arts

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd 2020, Dandy Wellington took to Instagram and issued a challenge. He encouraged the vast community of illustrators and painters to reimagine fashion illustrations of the 20th century with Black figures at the center. This simple call to action inspired over 1000 pieces of original art featuring Black models in fashion illustrations in a way never before seen in fashion history. Inspired by this ground swell of original work Dandy teamed up with illustrator Jason Raish to create and fund the FIT Black Student Illustrator Award, a no strings attached $1000 award to graduating Black students for the FIT Illustration program. $4000 was raised and awarded to 4 graduating Black Illustrators from the class of 2021. 

Style Activism


Harlemology by Dandy Wellington is an American Duchess Collaboration and a sartorial love letter to the style, history and people of Harlem. Inspired by early 20th century silhouettes seen on the streets and brownstone stoops of Sugar Hill, this collection seeks to uplift the architects of the neighborhood’s past and highlight many of the custodians of its cultural present. Models Dandy Wellington and Tammi Savoy

Dandy Wellington- Harlem Now Album Cover.png
Four eYes-3.jpg
Winter Afternoon.png
Copy of Winter Afternoon-4.png
Winter Afternoon Cover .png

Hot  Jazz!

Copy of Winter Afternoon-12.png
Copy of For The First Time in Brooklyn-2.png

Through my music and style, I try to inspire others to challenge the prevailing ideas of what a man and person of color looks like. I believe the societal narrative that blackness or masculinity is only one thing, is wrong. These ideas have been the building blocks of how we see ourself and have in turn walled us off from each other and our ability to grow beyond these labels. With your support I hope to better challenge these ideas as an artist, and style activist. 

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